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#204, 2910 16th Ave North
Lethbridge, AB, T1H 5E9

+1 403-320-6636

Lethbridge, Alberta based Onsite Safety Management helps your company manage your safety solutions and Government of Alberta safety requirements. Become COR and SECOR certified, Alberta's safety certification. Let us help keep your company safe by handling your Onsite Safety Management.

About Us

Are you a small business? Frustrated with keeping up with Occupational Health & Safety Legislation. Finding it hard to find the time to manage your Safety Program. We can help! 

Based in Lethbridge, Onsite Safety Management serves Southern Alberta in establishing, implementing and maintaining customized Health and Safety Programs that will meet Alberta Occupational Health & Safety requirements. Our team brings more than 35 years of experience in business, construction, and health and safety issues. We understand current legislation and are committed to keeping up to date on the constantly changing Health and Safety Environment. 

Our services include the creation of SECOR/COR certified HSE Manuals, Site Specific Safety Plans & Safe Driving Programs. Onsite's Monthly Management Program incorporates meetings, inspections, hazard analysis, SWP & SJP, Audits, Investigations, WHMIS, & Codes of Practice with Administrative & Onsite support. 

Choose from paper safety forms or choose our mobile forms to help you increase your companies' efficiency & productivity while reducing employee and administrative costs. We can assist with ISNetworld, Canqual & Complyworks program set up and maintenance. 

Let us wear your business's safety hat. 


OnSite Safety Management Inc. (Onsite) is a southern Alberta company. Its team of professionals brings more than 35 years of experience to the company on small business and health and safety issues. Not only does the team understand the current legislation, they are committed to keeping up to date on the constantly changing Health and Safety environment.


Our Mission

Many small businesses are in a state of confusion since both federal and provincial governments have begun aggressively ticketing violations against Occupational Health and Safety legislation. Small business owners have always had to wear many hats in running a business, but now they also have to demystify red tape and government legalese as well as complete and administer multiple forms and reports. 

If business owners don’t comply properly with Occupational Health and Safety legislation, the results may not only prove devastating to an employee or customer, but may be financially damaging to the businesses themselves. 

However, for many small businesses, the concept of hiring an experienced employee to manage a health and safety program is not within their budget, salary wise and the expenses of continual staff training on changing regulations. Not surprisingly, many small businesses are experiencing frustrated staff and reduced productivity due to the complexity of these legislated requirements; they know they must set their programs, they just don’t have the time or experience to do so. 

There is help available.

Onsite’s commitment is to be business’ trusted source in establishing, implementing and maintaining customized Health and Safety programs that will meet both federal and provincial requirements.

Meet Our Team


Sheri Mathieu, NCSO - Project Safety Manager

David Fyfe, NCSO - Onsite Safety Coach

Carrie Solberg, BA Psychology - Health & Safety Administration