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Lethbridge, Alberta based Onsite Safety Management helps your company manage your safety solutions and Government of Alberta safety requirements. Become COR and SECOR certified, Alberta's safety certification. Let us help keep your company safe by handling your Onsite Safety Management.

10 Safety Certificates to Make You More Hirable in the Skilled Trades


This blog  is where Onsite Safety Management strives to offer up to date information on all aspects of workplace safety. 

10 Safety Certificates to Make You More Hirable in the Skilled Trades

Onsite Safety Management Inc.

Are there any quick certifications that can make you stand out?

The skilled trades and industrial work come with a variety of serious safety hazards. Employers are looking for people who are interested in safe practices on the job.

For Workers

For workers, certifying yourself can show employers that you take a personal interest in safety and your career.

This is valuable.

Having certified courses listed on your resume can set you apart from other applicants.

For Employers

If you’re an employer, this works in a similar way. Putting your employees through training can show that you value safety and your employees. Investing in your employees shows workers that you want them to be safe and can encourage them to stick around.

Less turnover is a huge money saving investment for companies of any size. People need to feel that the work they do is essential to you.

Our Top 10

Here is our top 10 list of valuable training courses for construction and skilled trades.

Whether you are a labourer or have your ticket in a specific trade, these courses can enhance your career and make you more valuable to your company.

1- WHMIS 2015 (GHS)

On February 11, 2015, the Government of Canada published in the Canada Gazette, Part II the Hazardous Products Regulations (HPR), which, in addition to the amendments made to the Hazardous Products Act under the Economic Action Plan 2014 Act, No.1, modified the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) 1988 to incorporate the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) for workplace chemicals. This modified WHMIS is referred to as WHMIS 2015. The Controlled Products Regulations (CPR) and the Ingredient Disclosure List have been repealed.

While WHMIS 2015 includes new harmonized criteria for hazard classification and requirements for labels and safety data sheets (SDS), the roles and responsibilities for suppliers, employers and workers have not changed.

We offer WHMIS 2015 (GHS) as an online course

2- Scissor Lift/ Articulating Boom Lift

Construction, maintenance, forestry, and all kind of industries use scissor and boom lifts as part of the daily operations to access out of reach locations. The certification can expand your function as an employee and help you achieve more interesting and valuable work.

More broadly scissor lifts fit into the category known as “Aerial Work Platforms” which teaches about scissor lifts and safety guidelines for any other type of elevated work system.

We offer Arial Work Platform Certification as an online course

We offer Articulating Boom and Scissor Lift training as an online course

3- First Aid

First aid training is mandatory in many positions. It is still an asset for those positions for which it is not required.

This is the most fundamental certification you can get to prove that you feel safety is important. It prepares you to help yourself and others in a number of situations.

Make yourself a valuable asset by being ready to give aid to those who need it on and off the job.

We offer a range of First Aid Certifications as in-class courses in the Lethbridge area

4- H2S Training (Formerly known as H2S Alive)

If you work in the oil and gas industry this is the standard industry certification when it comes to dealing with hydrogen sulphide. The chemical symbol for hydrogen sulfide is H2S and it is highly toxic, combustible and colourless. This makes it a very real hazard.

For those trades working in oil and gas, this is an essential course to add to your inventory and will show prospective employers that you are interested in the industry long term.

The program we teach at Onsite Safety Management has been developed by Energy Safety Canada (formerly known as Enform).

We offer H2S as an in-class course for anyone in the Lethbridge area.

5- Fall Protection

Fall Protection training teaches you proper use of equipment that will keep you safe while working at heights. Also, you learn the basic procedures and processes for safe work.

Falling from heights can be a real hazard on a lot of jobs and this training will prepare you to avoid incidents that could cost you greatly.

Certifying fall protection training is useful accross almost any trade except maybe flooring installation. In all kinds of residential and commercial construction, you will find yourself working at heights. Therefore, it is worthwhile to be prepared and have the foresight to certify yourself in advance when looking for work in the skilled trades.

We Offer Fall Protection Training as an in-class course for anyone in the Lethbridge area.

6- Confined Space Pre-Planning, Entry (and Rescue)

Confined space entry certifications may or may not apply to the job you’re doing. It is especially useful in the oil and gas industry. It is also a common requirement for work with Vac Trucks, for electricians, and for insulators or any other work that may require you to work in a small space.

There is also the option to take the rescue portion which gives you both the theory and information as well as a practical application portion. It covers both working and entering confined spaces and treatment of emergencies dealing with confined spaces. This could be valuable in mining and oil and gas operations.

If you know your position could benefit from confined space training you could either take the initiative to certify yourself or suggest to your employer that this training would be worthwhile for you and the company.

We offer Confined Space Pre-Planning and Entry as an in-class course for anyone in the Lethbridge Area

We offer Confined Space Pre-Planning, Entry and Rescue as an in-class course for anyone in the Lethbridge Area

7- Accident/Incident Investigation

While we hope you never have to apply this knowledge, in reality, workplace incidents are not uncommon. It is therefore incredibly valuable to have a few people around who know how to deal with the aftermath of the event.

This training can get you a position on the joint health and safety committee as well as making you a viable candidate for promotion into management positions if that’s your goal.

It could be about more than the practicality of the training itself. It could be about the way that the certificate is perceived. As someone who is prepared and as someone who is ready to take action if the worst should happen.

We offer Accident/Incident Investigation as an online course

8- Due Diligence Awareness

Due diligence awareness is primary for supervisors. It is very important that people in charge know the responsibility that comes with the job. There are some very real legal obligations of these positions of authority which are not to be taken lightly. Supervisors and managers are not just babysitters, especially when it comes to dangerous work.

If you are a supervisor without a proper understanding of what due diligence entails, it’s very important that you have a discussion with your employer about training.

If you are an employer who has supervisors under you that may not be aware of what due diligence can mean to the position they are in, it is important that they receive the proper training and knowledge.

If you are interested in becoming a supervisor this course could give you some of the fundamental knowledge needed to know what responsibilities you will be taking on in that position once you arrive there.

We offer Due Diligence training as an online course

9- Fire Prevention and Response

Fire Prevention and Response is a valuable certification for virtually any industry, as all work environments have their own fire hazards. Whether you find yours in the form of electrical, chemical, grease, or natural wildfire, this training can set you up to be a first-responder.

While fire is a more prevalent risk in specific work environments, this is a universally valuable certification. I can’t think of a job where this would be seen as a worthless line on the resume.

We offer Fire Prevention and Response as an online course

10- Global Ground Disturbance II

Road construction, utility installation, residential and commercial projects, heavy equipment operators… the list goes on and on. If you’re breaking ground for any projects this is a valuable certification to have.

Depending on where you are, this will be a requirement for anyone supervising a project that requires you to dig very far down.

While this certification may be less universal we believe that it is vital for a lot of jobs, especially in infrastructure, new construction, and oil and gas.

We offer Global Ground Disturbance as and in-class or as an online course

Be Good to Yourself

The funny thing about safety certifications is that some of them we hope you never have to use. But when you find yourself in a situation where you do need it, you’ll never regret being more prepared.

Being prepared with certifications is beneficial to you and those around you.

It’s about you as workers being protected. Without you nothing gets done.