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16 Famous People Who Have Helped Save Lives Off-Screen


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16 Famous People Who Have Helped Save Lives Off-Screen

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Celebrities Responding to Emergency Situations

I've been doing some reading about different situations where celebrities had taken it upon themselves to react positively when someone required help. Here is what I found.

These first ones actually have credentials and certifications for First Aid.

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Ken Jeong is actually a licensed medical doctor


Since 2004, David Lee Roth has worked as an EMT in New York City. He has saved many lives, including a woman who was having a heart attack who he used an AED on.


During a 2012 polo match with Prince Harry, a rival player was knocked unconscious when he collided with other riders and fell from his horse. The Prince, who had learned first aid techniques in the army, rolled the man to a recovery position until he regained consciousness.



Ryan Reynolds was a superhero long before he played one on-screen. On Monday, the Vancouver-born star revealed that he once saved his nephew's life by using CPR.

"Years ago, I took a CPR course thru the Red Cross. And holy shit, I ended up saving my nephew's life because I knew what to do! True story!" he wrote on Instagram


T.I. (Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr.) has been credited with saving two lives. According to Creed frontman Scott Stapp, the rapper took care of him after he jumped over the balcony of a Miami hotel in a drug-fueled haze. Then, in 2010, T.I. was on his way to shoot a music video when he heard that a man named Joshua Sparks was threatening to jump off an Atlanta building. He drove to the scene and spoke to Sparks via a video he recorded for the police, helping convince him to step back from the ledge.

Facts About CPR

According to the Heart and stroke foundation of canada:

  • In Canada, 35,000 to 45,000 people die per year of sudden cardiac arrest
  • People going into cardiac arrest have a 5% survival rate
  • 35 to 55% are witnessed by a family member, co-worker or friend
  • Unfortunately, the majority of people witnessing cardiac arrest do not perform CPR.
  • Knowing how to respond to a cardiac arrest can increase the odds of survival and recovery by 30 percent or more


Here are some celebrities who responded by calling emergency services and waiting with the person until their arrival

This is an important part of responding to a crisis but it is always much better to get certified and be prepared to administer CPR until responders arrive


Jamie Foxx helps save a man's life after a car accident


Dustin Hoffman assists EMS workers after a man has a heart attack


Heidi Klum pulled her son and his nanny to safety from a dangerous riptide


Surfer Kelly Slater happened to be nearby when a rogue wave swept a mother and her young son off of the Kamehameha Highway in Oahu, Hawaii in January of 2016. When he saw that they were in trouble, he rushed in to save them from the powerful surf.


in 2014, Clint Eastwood noticed another guest choking on a piece of cheese. The actor acted quickly and performed the Heimlich maneuver, saving the man's life.  

In 2000, he saved the lives of two hikers who had been lost in the forest, one of whom was sick with dehydration. The next year, he helped locate a 13 year-old Boy Scout who was lost in Yellowstone National Park. 


In 2012, Jennifer Lawrence noticed that a girl had collapsed on the sidewalk near her house. She called 911 and helped the young woman until they arrived.


In 2011, the Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet saved a 90 year-old woman from burning in a fire!


In 2012, Mila Kunis helped save the life of a 50 year-old man who suffered a seizure while working on her house


"True Blood" actor, Ryan Kwanten saved a life in 2011 when he spotted a man covered in blood lying in the middle of a Hollywood street. Kwanten stopped and helped moved the man out of the street, waiting until paramedics arrived.

And as a last honourable mention

Maybe this is the first time that Simon Cowell’s brand of acerbic criticism saved someone's life. During a 2007 audition on "The X Factor," he said to singer Jacqui Gray: "Something happens to your throat when you sing. It is quite raspy. It sounds as if you have someone else in there, like you were choking on something." Heeding Cowell's words, the singer saw a doctor and discovered that she had a lung disease.

Getting Certified

While we recognize the courage of the famous people listed above, we also couldn’t help but notice that very few of these people were actually certified to respond to cardiac arrest.

Not all situations call for CPR but the applications of a First Aid Course that teaches CPR and use of and AED are the proper way to truly prepare for an emergency. Whether you find yourself at work, home, or judging the talents of aspiring musicians, being prepared can help us all help each other in a time of need.

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