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Lethbridge, Alberta based Onsite Safety Management helps your company manage your safety solutions and Government of Alberta safety requirements. Become COR and SECOR certified, Alberta's safety certification. Let us help keep your company safe by handling your Onsite Safety Management.

34 Jobs That Require Ground Disturbance in Alberta


This blog  is where Onsite Safety Management strives to offer up to date information on all aspects of workplace safety. 

34 Jobs That Require Ground Disturbance in Alberta

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34 Jobs That Require Ground Disturbance


There are a number of reasons someone might be interested in ground disturbance certification.

  • A supervisor looking for a place to train your employees internally

  • An employee asked to acquire ground disturbance certification

  • An unemployed job seeker looking to expand your job qualifications through extra training

If you belong to the last category you may be interested to see the kinds of doors a Global Ground Disturbance II can open for you.

We took a look at a number of jobs available on as of September 9, 2018 and here is a list of positions available that require or prefer applicants with a ground disturbance certification.


Drivers, Operators

  • Dozer Operator
  • Grader Operator
  • Excavator Operator
  • Scraper Operator
  • Rock Truck Operator
  • Equipment Operator
  • Pipeline Side-boom Operator
  • Combo Vac Truck Operator
  • Packer Operator
  • Sewer Operator
  • Hydro-vac Operator
  • Loader Operator
  • Mainline Hoe Operator
  • Semi Vac Driver
  • Directional Driller / Locator



  • Construction Labourer
  • Crusher Labourer
  • Ground man
  • Roughneck
  • Pipe Layer



  • Survey Assistant
  • Micro-tunneling Specialist
  • Environmental Field Technician
  • Industrial Hygienist
  • Sewer Service Technician
  • Driller’s Helper
  • Pipe Bursting Technician

Supervision and Management

  • Tank hand
  • Construction Manager
  • Direct Pipe Manager
  • Spill Response Supervisor
  • Field Integrity Supervisor
  • Field Level Construction Supervisor
  • Environmental Field Safety Advisor


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