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Lethbridge, Alberta based Onsite Safety Management helps your company manage your safety solutions and Government of Alberta safety requirements. Become COR and SECOR certified, Alberta's safety certification. Let us help keep your company safe by handling your Onsite Safety Management.

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This blog  is where Onsite Safety Management strives to offer up to date information on all aspects of workplace safety. 

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Onsite Safety Management Inc.

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Do you have a last minute fencing project at your place before too much snow flies?

Maybe you have big plans for next spring/summer and are getting a head start thinking about the details.

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Our ground is full of utility lines running electrical, water, drainage and other utilities to buildings whether residential or commercial. It’s important to locate the utilities in the ground before digging or excavating.

Alberta One Call

Alberta’s utility locating service.

They will locate any registered utilities in the vicinity of your project whether you are a homeowner wanting to do some landscaping or a contractor hired to complete a project. There is a 2 day processing time on your requests for a locating service. They accept requests for locating services up to 14 days in advance so plan to know what's below before you start.

The consequences of hitting a utility line

Damage to an underground utility line can leave you or your neighbors without essential services like electricity or water. There is also a risk of injury or even fatality, especially where electrical or gas lines are concerned.

What lines can and can’t be marked?

It’s important to register your utility lines with Alberta One Call.

The utility owners and their locators are unable to mark:

  • Privately installed lines (e.g. power from your house to your garage).

  • Secondary lines (e.g. electrical lines past the meter).

  • Customer-owned utilities (e.g. water and sewer lines are the responsibility of the property owner past the shut-off valve at the property line)

What information can I give the locator?

While you don’t have to be present to meet with the locator it can be helpful to mark the boundary of the project’s planned ground disturbance to give the locator an understanding of what area you plan to dig in. You can do this with stakes flags.

Remember that it is not safe to break ground until you have the proper locations of these lines.

Alberta One Call has and ANDROID APP and an iOS APP for more information and to submit your requests.

Global Ground Disturbance II

For any larger projects or training services be sure to sign up for our Global Ground Disturbance in class courses for Lethbridge, AB.

We have you covered for your Ground Disturbance certification needs.