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Lethbridge, Alberta based Onsite Safety Management helps your company manage your safety solutions and Government of Alberta safety requirements. Become COR and SECOR certified, Alberta's safety certification. Let us help keep your company safe by handling your Onsite Safety Management.

In-Class Vs. Online Safety Training


This blog  is where Onsite Safety Management strives to offer up to date information on all aspects of workplace safety. 

In-Class Vs. Online Safety Training

Onsite Safety Management Inc.

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Safety training, like the greater educational industry, has largely become available online. There are a number of factors that companies need to consider when selecting a program that best suits their needs.

Training Requirements

The setting that best fits the training needed is different for every type of certification. There are some that can be performed online without the need for an instructor. Many of these are basic types of training such as incident investigation, Asbestos Awareness, Cannabis Awareness, and WHMIS 2015. These can be taken online and everything will be covered, no problem.

Other courses require more specific attention and expertise that can be delivered better in a classroom environment. The access to specialized knowledge that comes with having an expert present gives room for questions, demonstrations and multi-sensory learning techniques that you simply can’t supply in an online course.

Instructor Expertise

Having a professional safety expert present for training can help deliver the information needed in a memorable fashion.

Those courses that provide you with vital procedural information can be better retained in the classroom.


Questions and discussion are a huge part of a classroom learning experience. When it comes to safety sometimes we have questions that we can’t necessarily get the answers to from textbook-style learning.

Group learning gives the opportunity for us to learn from each other and share experiences that can help everyone take the content being presented with the proper level of seriousness.


Online safety courses are easy to breeze through without paying proper attention to the content. Skimming over important points and cheating on the test portion of the course are common occurrences with online training.

In-class courses allow for total control of the information being presented. The instructor can better evaluate the information and give specific attention to individuals who find the information to be challenging.

Course Dependency

Depending on the region you are in, some online training may not be recognized as sufficient by the local government.

Onsite Safety Management offers the following courses in a classroom setting:

You can also check out our extensive list of online courses available for E-Learning.