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My Attempt to Find the Most Expensive Safety Glasses on the Market


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My Attempt to Find the Most Expensive Safety Glasses on the Market

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This is my attempt to find the most expensive safety glasses on the market and why it was mostly a bust.

More as a matter of curiosity than anything, I set out the other day to see if i could find some kind of obscenely expensive safety glasses.

What I found was that there are far more options for incredibly affordable glasses and goggles.

This is something that I appreciate about the safety apparel and PPE industry. For the most part the equipment is focused on raw utility of the product. It is far more important that the equipment protects than that it looks good.

So for this reason my hunt for gold plated, diamond encrusted safety glasses worth a small stack of cash was a flop.

But here are a few that I did find which would likely be out of the budget for safety glasses for your average labourer.

The most expensive safety glasses I found were were these Wiley X Safety Glasses and the only way i got them to be so expensive was by adding all their possible options.

Find them Here

Find them Here




  • Progressive (Digital HD) Lens

  • Thinnest 1.74 Index (Plastic)

  • Blue Light Protection

  • All In One Coating (HMC)

  • Polarized

  • Prescription Lenses


Find them  Here

Find them Here


Oakley SI Ballistic M Frame 3.0 Array with Black Frame and Clear, TR22 and TR45 Prizm Lenses

They come with 3 lenses and seeing as they are Oakley brand this really isn't as outrageous as I thought it would be.


But ultimately I’m still a fan of these bad boys:

Find them  Here

Find them Here

A 12 pack for $20.54 from

Jackson Safety 25650 V20 Purity Safety Glasses